Thursday, February 2, 2012

Auditions for "Leading Ladies" at Reading Community Players this weekend

Auditions will be held This Saturday and Sunday, February 4 and 5 at 10 AM and 5 PM respectively at Reading Community Players.
No audition materials are required.
Leading Ladies is a comical farce about two men who try to get their hands on some money by pretending to be heirs to an ailing well-to-do woman. Things get complicated when they find out the heirs are actually heiresses, and absolute hilarity ensues The play consists of the following parts:
Meg Snider = early 30′s, vivacious with enormous warmth and a great sense of humor.  She knows there is a big world to explore but has yet to see any of it.
Duncan Wooley =  50- 60′s, minister with a good heart but fussy, set in his ways, scatterbrained, and lost in his own world
Doc Myers = 50′s – crusty, like-able, curmudgeon, country doctor who takes no gruff from anyone
Leo Clark =  30′s-40′s – an actor from England. Witty and very charming. also portrays “Maxine”
Jack Gable = 30′s- 40′s – also a British actor.  sarcastic and a bit uptight.  also portrays “Stephanie”
Audrey = 20′s – extremely sweet and good natured, knows all the town gossip, & like Meg has yet to see anything beyond hometown.
Florence Snider = Meg’s aging Aunt.  ”very old, extremely crusty and has very bad eyesight.”
Bruce Myers = 20′s – Doc’s son, played football in High School, a bit slow on the up-take, but ernest & sincere, with a good heart.

Come out and try out for a part in this humorous piece directed by Tara Sands. Performances are scheduled for April 20-29

Reading Community Players
11th and Buttonwood Street,
Reading, Pennsylvania 19612.
P.O. Box 13425


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