Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New musical 'Goldilocks' is in tune with today's young'uns

Rebecca Shoemaker, left, Joe Ciresi, Allen Puy, and Paulina Wozniak

Eric Thompson, Deedee Mann and Jordan Shoemaker
By Cheryl Thornburg
  The best part about Tri-PAC’s latest production,  "Goldilocks and the Downho
The cast of  "Goldilocks and the Downhome Bears"
me Bears,” was the bear hugs at the end of the show. At the conclusion of this brand new musical, more than half the young audience flooded the stage to meet Baby Bear — and of course, Goldilocks. 
  That shows that writers, Karen and Neal Newman, hit their mark with the target audience — school-age children.
  The Newmans have created some very relatable characters— and one outrageous one.
Goldilocks, played to perfection by Paulina Wozniak in Sunday’s performance, is a restless young girl who is bored and decides to run away from home.  She ends up in a very different household, a rustic cabin in the woods owned by the Bear family.
  This sets up my favorite song from the show, “Don’t Go In There.” But of course, G
Jordan Shoemaker and Maddie Aicher
oldilocks does go in.
  Unlike the classic tale however, the bears befriend her and she stays with them for a while where she learns some life lessons. Goldilocks is also played by Maddie Aicher for other performances.
  Matching Goldilocks in her rebellion is Baby Bear, who has also reached the rebellious phase.  Jordan Shoemaker is delightful in this role and quickly becomes an audience favorite.
  Director Debbie Snow has assembled a talented cast of young and more seasoned actors to bring this one-act musical to life.
  Allen Puy as Deputy Dan ties the two settings, Goldie’s home and the Bears’ cabin together as he checks in at both places and chats with and sings to the audience throughout the show. His inviting demeanor quickly draws the audience into the story.
  Goldie’s parents, played by Rebecca Shoemaker and Joe Ciresi add lots of laughs with their playful interaction. Their nod to the painting “American Gothic” is one of my favorite scenes in the show.
  Rebecca Shoemaker also gets to play the aforementioned “outrageous” character, Betsy Bluebird. I dare anyone not to laugh as she flitters and twitters around the stage.
  Deedee Mann demonstrates some fine ‘downhome” singin’ skills and comedic talent as Mama Bear and  Eric Thompson matches her measure for measure as Papa Bear.
  Rounding out the cast are those talented young actors I mentioned, Rachel Julian, Lindsay Lohr, AJ Sermarini and Maddie Aicher as Goldilocks’ friends.

This two-day run at the Tri-County Performing Arts Center, 245 E. High St. in  Pottstown is over, but the show is available for schools or organizations at the Tri-PAC or off-site from February through May.  Contact Education Director Steve Reazor at steve@villageproductions.org for more information on how take advantage of this show.

Coming attractions  at Tri-PAC include “Ain’t Misbehavin” (Feb. 10-19), “Toys In The Attic” (March 8-25), “Farragut North” (April 20-29), and  “Hairspray” (June 7-24).

To keep track of what’s happening at the Tri-County Performing Arts center, check the website at http://www.tripac.org

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