Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spaghetti and Song -- more than satisfying -- sensational!

The cast of Spaghetti and Song performs "Joseph's Coat"

By Cheryl Thornburg
Fleetwood Community Theatre's  Spaghetti and Song fundraiser sounded like a good deal to me -- a spaghetti dinner and live entertainment for $8.  Having attended Saturday night, I  think it's the entertainment bargain of the year.  Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until September next year to check it out.
The kitchen at St. Paul's UCC Church in Fleetwood was filled with dedicated volunteers dishing out plenty of yummy pasta and the stage was filled with some of the area's most gifted performers, creating a great evening out for music lovers of all ages.
This year's theme was "A Rainbow of Songs," featuring music with a color in the title or lyrics -- and the musical rainbow they produced was spectacular.
With the event running from 5-8 p.m., and 18 cast members and about three dozen different songs, there were too many great performances to mention here, but I'll share a few of my favorites with you.
One of those is "My Favorite Things" from "The Sound of Music" featuring Stacy and 5-year-old Kayla Laucks. There's nothing like the enthusiasm of a talented  youngster to steal the hearts of an audience.
A haunting rendition of "Look To The Rainbow" from "Finnian's  Rainbow" by Debbi Silas and Peter Bourey gave me goosebumps.  Bravo!
Dave Hornberger more than did justice to one of my favorite Elton John songs, "Blue Eyes."
Nichi MacFarlane and Jonathan Quier reprised the exquisite "Written In The Stars" from FCT's summer production "Aida."
Several younger performers demonstrated maturity in their performances and delivery including Paige Fenstermacher's version of "Back to Black," Katie Spencer's "Black and Gold," and Emily Levan's "Not For The Life of Me" from "Thoroughly Modern Millie."
Adding some fun to the event, Nichi MacFarlane and Allyson Horn performed "White Boys" and "Black Boys" from "Hair" separately and then as a first-rate duet.
Best of all was the ensemble number, "Joseph's Coat," which was performed three times, so that both early birds and latecomers could join in the fun.
The cast, ranging in age from 5 to more than 55, included Pete Bourey, Andrew Carroll, David Erb, Paige Fenstermacher, Dean Ficthorn, Allyson Horn, Amanda and Dave Hornberger, Jennifer Juntunen, Stacy and Kayla Laucks, Emily Levan, Nichi MacFarlane, Jonathan Quier, Debbi Silas, Katie Spencer, Donna Torres, and Sarah Wisser.
Accompanist Phyllis Sands did a great job of backing up the singers -- and improvising some entertainment when needed.
The show was directed by Jeanette DeAngelo.
I'm already looking forward to next year. When I get my 2012 calendar, I'm setting aside the last weekend in September.  I recommend you do the same.
For more information on Fleetwood Community Theatre, call 610-944-6379.

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